GBS Members at Stone Church

Thirsty Irish Thursday

An Irish night fit for everyone

6:00-9:00 PM Thursdays at The Stone Church Meeting House, 5 Granite St. Newmarket, NH 03857

Irish night, a.k.a. “Thirsty Irish Thursday” is becoming quite a phenomenon in good ole’  Newmarket, NH.  The Stone Church has always been known for live music- especially folk.  I’ve had many guest on “Local Folk” talk about the great open mics and folk dinners that used to happen up there.  Like all things, the music seemed to change over the years, and I think the crowd might have as well.  All that has changed with new ownership and the advent of “Thirsty Irish Thursdays”.

It’s both  an evening and an event in which all are welcome.

From retirees to babies to be, our growing crowd runs the gamut of people and personalities.  It’s a great place for kids and families as well as old friends, workmates, and locals.  The event and atmosphere feel familiar and all of us performers are enjoying the event immensely.  Here are some photos from March 14, 2013.  The performers were (from left to right) Jeff Murdoch, Steve Carrigan, Roger Burridge, James Prendergast, Bruce Macintyre, and cameo appearance by Chris Vaughn.  Let us know if you see yourself.



GBS in Nottingham

Shanties, Foc’sl Songs, and Ballads

Maritime Music in more ways than one

Saturday’s concert at the Nottingham Community Church was a great success.  Part of the mission of Great Bay Sailor is to explore and share a wide variety of material with new audiences.  To some, there may be a preconceived idea as to what maritime music is supposed to be or sound like. Last night’s concert would likely cause a paradigm shift in those who think of the seafaring genre as simply boisterous working songs.  We attempt to share the diversity of sound and culture that represents the true music of the waterways.  So, please stop in to one of our shows and let us share our love of the music with you.




GBS on Stay Tuned TV


Great Bay Sailor is on TV

Shawn Hendersons “Stay Tuned” radio program on WSCA 106.1 is now a television program on Portsmouth Public Media.
As the creator and host of “Local Folk” ,I was invited with Great Bay Sailor to perform live in the studio.  We have posted a few songs clips from the program on line, but the full, official program airs tonight.

When:  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 6PM for the next two weeks.

Where:  PPMtv (Channel 98)


A Different Side of the Sailors

For a different flavor, try Thursday nights at the Stone Church Meeting House in Newmarket.  This music is not the usual GBS concert repitiore, but it will get you warmed up for the more erudite Nottingham Great Bay Sailor concert coming up

GBS members Steve Jim, and Bruce with Jeff and Jordan

GBS members Steve, Jim, and Bruce with Jeff and Jordan


A Celebration of Songs and Tunes in the Maritime Tradition

You are invited to :

A Celebration of Songs and Tunes in the Maritime Tradition

As performed by:

Great Bay Sailor

Time:  Saturday, March 9, 2013.  7:30PM to 9:30PM.

Place:   Nottingham Community Church, 106 Church Street (at the corner of Church Street and Route 156, near the junction of Route152), Nottingham, NH 03290.

Tickets:  Advance tickets are $15 (call Gary at 679-5795) and $18 at the door.  Children 12 and under are free.


West Indies Blues on “Stay Tuned”

Shawn Henderson, a fellow DJ and show host at WSCA 106.1, invited GBS to stop in and play a few songs live in the studio.  This is not unusual.  It is the theme of his “Stay Tuned” radio show.  He and his crew turned the radio show into a television show, and here is a cut from the upcoming show.  I’m really pleased with the result.  Jim Prendergast sure plays a mean guitar.  Thanks Shawn and  “Stay Tuned” for more….


Remembering Elysium Arts

We will miss Elysium Arts Folk Club.  Thanks Joe Simes for all his hard work keeping the club open for so long.  It was as close to an authentic 60’s style folk “coffee house” as could be found anywhere.  We were always blessed by a full house during our Yuletide concert series.  Here are some photos from that show in 2011



GBS in Phippsburg, ME

One of our favorite shows of 2012 was at the Phippsburg Congregational Church located on a beautiful hill by the ocean in Phippsburg, ME.  Part of their community outreach is a popular folk concert series.  Maritime musician and historian Bob Webb brought us up to this venue to share with the Mainers what a bunch of Portsmouth musicians could do.  It was a great show and, like most sailors, we hope to return someday.


Recording at Mill Pond Music

Here are a few pics from last summer’s recording sessions at Mill Pond Music Studio in Portsmouth, NH. We put this album on hold in order to record the now completed “Yuletide” CD. Enjoy!