Maritime Music

Music of the Seven Seas

Drunken Sailors and beyond

When one thinks of maritime music, a few things come to mind.  Bold and bawdy sea shanties with “yo ho ho’s” and “bottles of rum” being belted out by brawny lads, or rowdy drinking songs about how to handle a drunken sailor are just part of a rich tradition of maritime music.  Maritime music encompases styles from all over the world and a subject matter that reads like a history book.  After all, much of history was made on the seas, on the bays, and on the rivers.  The music includes working songs for hoisting sail or scrubbing the hull of a clipper ship, oral histories of great battles won and lost, and personal stories of triumph and torment, and so much more.

Borrowing from History and Tradition

Great Bay Sailor aims to bring the song and story of the sea to a modern audience.  We perform a capella shanties, foc’sl song, modern maritime ballads, re-imaginings of traditional songs, jigs and reels in the traditional style, and any number of variations on this theme.  When we can, we share stories and information about the context and history of the music, as well as insight on how it relates to our own human experience.  A Great Bay Sailor concert is intriguing, entertaining, and intimate.